Dimgeer – The Colors

Walking simulators, gotta love’em.

After a long time of both playing games and working in the games industry, I decided to finally create – and release – my own game.

Dimgeer – The Colors is available for free on itch.io.

It is a lo-fi pixel art walking simulator. There are no goals, no achievements, no enemies or deaths. Just you, a city, and what you can infer from the surroundings.

It has a gloriously tiny screen resolution of just 256 x 144 pixels. While there are shades of grey in the game, all sprites are only two colors: black & white. The grey instead comes from separate sprite layers with different opacities.

The goal was to create a sense of space and atmosphere, while limiting myself to – and taking advantage of – a very strict set of tools.

The game engine of choice was GameMaker Studio 2, with its visual scripting tools used for the majority of scripting.

Dimgeer – The Colors is still being worked on, with new places, people and environments added every now and then.

It is available for free on itch.io.