Cozy isometric diorama

Here’s a cozy little diorama to teach myself more of Blender. Everything done inside Blender, including modeling, materials/shaders, lighting, rendering etc.

The goals were to

* Make a small and cozy square environment, reminiscent of older pre-rendered RPG games
* Have a low poly count
* Model everything inside blender
* Create all materials inside blender
* Use Blender’s realtime render engine instead of ray/path tracing

All materials were procedurally created inside Blender, no image based textures used. I really love their node-based materials interface.

All modeling was done inside Blender as well. In most cases Blender’s Modifiers were used, allowing for model enhancement, displacement and more to be completely dynamic and non-destructive.

And I’ve started using Blender’s own Compositing environment for post-render polish, instead of Photoshop. The dynamic node-based workflow just gives so much more flexibility than a semi-static workflow like Photoshop ever could. It might be slower, but it sure is powerful.

And I just love Blender’s new realtime rendering engine, Eevee. Sure, it might not look as fancy, but it still looks *good*. The final render time was 20 seconds on my five year old laptop, as opposed to ray/path-traced rendering in Cycles which took ~5 hours.

I’m really happy with this diorama. It could definitely be improved, but given that I’ve used Blender for less than a year I’d say it’s good progress.

Triangles: 15,206
Render time: ~20s (1080*1080px)
Light sources: 17