I do a lot of creative things. I’ve also worked in the video games industry for several years (see work experience further down), doing QA and related project management type roles.

Over the years I’ve realised that I don’t just want to work with games, I want to actually help create them.

I want to take all my senior knowledge and experience of production, management and planning, and combine them with more creative roles: game design, level design, art, scripting and more.

Instead of working in ever more specialized roles, I want to create my own hybrid class.

A Chaotic Good Senior Producer-Junior Developer-Artist Paladin, if you will.

I want to have a large collection of hats to switch between, blending years of production experience with the experience of being a junior developer.

I want to create, and ensure that we create in a viable, workable and releaseable way.


Creative Showcase

Work Experience



  • Frontend Agile tester
  • Embedded within development team
  • Setting up routines and methods of cooperation with testers in other teams
  • Focus on proactive QA, ensuring better quality throughout development
  • Scrum used throughout development, including rotating scrum master
  • Planning and testing of both live and upcoming features on desktop and mobile

Rovio Stockholm


  • QA Lead for Angry Birds 2
  • Part of project from pre-production up to release
  • Planning, scheduling, testing, creation of test cases & more
  • Responsible for external team of up to 25 testers



  • Audio Analyst on Battlefield 3 + all expansions & Battlefield 4
  • Proactive QA embedded within sound department
  • Using the Frostbite game engine to build and script test scenarios for new audio features
  • Testing of audio features on consoles and PC, including optimization analysis



  • Quality Assurance on Syndicate
  • Game scripting as main area of responsibility
  • Focus on finding scripting issues with gameplay, AI, sound design, animation, & more



  • Editor & Writer
  • Creation and enforcing of content guidelines for writers
  • Ensuring writers know what tasks need to be done and which deadlines are in place
  • Working with chief editor and owner of site to plan for future features and functionality
  • News reporting, writing content

Various employments


  • Contact center agent at Ericsson and other companies